Frequent Questions

Does it contain Formol?

R = No. VERENIZE keratin does not contain formaldehyde directly, has a derivative of formaldehyde at 5.8, and 12% called Formalin, this component is what makes the treatment work smoothing the hair and lasts. It is a compound that you can find in walls, floors, acrylic nails, cosmetics, etc.

* If a Keratin product does not contain this chemical ingredient, it is simply a conditioner with Keratin and the effects on the hair will not last more than 2 or 3 washes.

Who is the best candidate for a VERENIZE Keratin Treatment?

R = According to our experience, the perfect candidate for a Brazilian Keratin VERENIZE treatment is someone with very damaged or processed hair, with a lot of frizz and dehydrated. We have carried out the treatment with different types of hair (fine / rough / with a lot of frizz), as well as with hair with perms, Japanese straightening and extensions. By doing so, we have obtained excellent results.

Is this treatment a straightener or relaxer?

R = It is an intensive reconstructive treatment based on Keratin and hydrolyzed proteins that restore and smooth 100% the capillary strand.

With this treatment, you can burn or have hair loss?

R = No. On the contrary, the Brazilian keratin VERENIZE is an intensive reconstructive that provides proteins to the capillary strand and therefore its main functions is to reconstruct, protect and strengthen the hair follicle.

Can it be applied on dyed hair?

R = Yes. The Brazilian keratin VERENIZE does not have any incompatibility with any previous treatment that you have done on the hair, on the contrary, it will enhance the color and it will give you a radiant shine.

Can the treatment be done after applying the color or dye the same day?

R = Yes, we recommend applying the color or dye and sealing with Keratin.

Can the color or dye be applied days after the treatment?

R = Yes, we recommend doing it 2 weeks after applying the Keratin treatment.

Can you apply the treatment on freshly straightened hair with another keratin or another chemical relaxer?

R = Yes, you can do the Brazilian Keratin VERENIZE treatment on previously smoothed hair or treated with some chemical relaxer, we suggest applying it 7 days after smoothing or having treated the hair with some relaxer.

Can you apply the treatment on hair with highlights?

R = Yes, the Brazilian keratin VERENIZE will reactivate, give life and shine to the  highlights.

Can you perform the treatment on virgin hair?

R = Yes, although it will last equally as long as hair that has been chemically treated.

Can an infant be present during the application of the treatment?

R = No, because the smell can be strong and irritating to the child.

How many days should I wait to wash my hair after applying the Brazilian keratin treatment VERENIZE?

R = Must be 24-72 hours depending on the type of hair.

Can you use horsetail, hair clips, garters or hooks to tie your hair?

R = No, because your hair is marked.

What can I do if my hair gets wet during the 72 hours after applying the Brazilian keratin treatment VERENIZE?

R = Dry it with a dryer immediately.

Can you go to the beach or pool after treatment?

R = Yes, as long as you keep using our Maintenance Kit for daily use after Treatment.

How long is the Brazilian keratin treatment VERENIZE?

R = The Brazilian Keratin VERENIZE treatment will last for 3 to 6 months if the line of post-treatment care products is used. The VERENIZE maintenance kit is a cumulative treatment, that is, the more you apply it, the healthier the hair will be and the longer the results will last.

What type of shampoo can be used after treatment?

R = The VERENIZE post-treatment care line for a guaranteed result, otherwise, we suggest using unsalted Shampoo.

Do I have to touch up the roots in my next treatment or should I apply it again?

R = There is no retouching. The next treatment is done throughout the hair.

Should I wait for 3 months to apply the keratin treatment VERENIZE again?

R = No. After 7 days, our treatment can be applied again without any problems. Even if your financial possibilities allow it, you can perform this treatment monthly, because the more you do it, the better results you will notice in the hair.

How often should I get treatment?

R = If you wish you can do it monthly or every 3 months.

Can I cut my hair before treatment?

R = No, we recommend cutting it after treatment.

Can you apply: lacquers, gel, mouse or some other product on the hair during the first 3 days after the treatment is applied?

R = No, only after washing the hair on 3 days.

Can I tie my hair for the first 3 days after the treatment is applied?

R = No.